Giovanni's Room

A Screenplay Adaptation of James Baldwin's Novel


Jesus J McGill



It’s the quintessential tearjerker.


Giovanni is a beautiful, passionate, dark and brooding nineteen year old Italian boy who falls deeply in love with the captivating twenty-one year old David Rimes who hails from New York City to Paris, France.


David has left his fiancée, Helen, back in Ohio. He is engaged to be married to Helen as soon as he returns from his trip to Europe. However, he did not plan to fall deeply in love with Giovanni, that charming and very passionate Italian lad and David’s previous engagement to Helen causes devastating complications in their relationship.


David’s pending return to the United States and his departure from Italy and the thought of him leaving Giovanni behind is too much for his “baby”, Giovanni, to emotionally bear. In his frustration and anger he gets involved in an altercation with the owner of a gay bar that he and David frequented. The owner of the bar is subsequently murdered and Giovanni becomes the prime suspect.


An Italian court of law finds Giovanni guilty of the murder and sentences him to death on the guillotine. David wants to time and end his own life at the same hour as Giovanni’s.


Mama mia! It won’t be easy.

Giovanni's Room